How Diet Affects Acne

Diet and Acne


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Does Your Diet Really Affect Acne?

Whether or not a person's diet affects the presence or absence of acne has long been one of life's greatest debates. There are as many people who claim a relationship exists between acne and diet as there are those who swear no such relationship exists. So which way of thinking is right? Will you really break out if you eat too much chocolate or too many greasy, high-fat foods?

The Great Debate is Over

As much as we wish such a simple explanation to be true, to date there is no known scientific evidence that links what you eat, i.e. your diet, to the development of acne. Acne isn't caused by eating too much pizza or French fries or by drinking too much soda. Acne is caused by the oils that are produced by overly-active sebaceous glands beneath the skin, but these oils are very different from the oils that are used in food preparation. So next time your mother, friend or other family member tries to tell you otherwise, it's okay for you not to believe what they're saying.

If no relationship exists between diet and acne, how has this myth survived for so many years? Well many people simply believe it to be true. They believe that, in their own case, eating certain foods triggers acne outbursts. If you too happen to think this is true, then you have every right to steer clear of the foods you've identified as acne instigators. Doctors will tell you to avoid those foods that you think spell trouble, but that's as far as most will go when it comes to linking diet with acne.

Do Watch What You Eat

Even though there might not be a scientifically-proven connection between acne and food, there are many health- and nutrition-related reasons for limiting your intake of processed, fried, high-fat foods and those tasty sweet treats that are made from refined carbohydrates. Those types of foods have been proven to cause heart disease, a condition that is far more serious than acne. That reason all by itself should be enough to make every person, regardless of race, sex or age, change their eating habits.

A diet that is the right balance of vitamins and nutrients can greatly reduce the risk of heart trouble. Such a diet will leave you feeling more energized and may even slow down the effects of aging (the debate on this issue still rages). Equally important, a balanced diet is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off, and that claim has also been proven.

What really happens when the body is fed a nutritionally-balanced diet is that it is more capable of performing at optimum capacity. When the body feels better, it acts better, and it's only a short time until it looks better too. So go ahead and start adding more fiber, anti-oxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates to your diet and start reaping the benefits. You might find that glowing, blemish-free skin is one way your body benefits from eating a proper diet!

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