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eBay and Drop Shipping Ė What If You Don't Have Your Own Product?

If you hope to eventually own a profitable eBay business, you can easily make that dream come true in a relatively short period of time. You don't even need to have a product of your own to sell if you use a reliable dropshipper. eBay provides many people who want to quit their unsuccessful or unrewarding nine-to-five jobs with a way to make money online without having to come up with a lot of start-up capital. This is possible with the help of companies known as drop shippers.

What Exactly IS a Drop Shipper?

Essentially, a drop shipper sends merchandise to customers who have ordered from other business owners such as yourself. If you have an eBay business, you are by definition a business owner. Partnering with a drop shipper will allow you to offer a wide variety of stock in your eBay store, without having the need to warehouse all of those products! The drop shipper carries the merchandise and delivers it for you, for a fee, of course, once you have made the sale.

Drop Shipping 4 Idiots All that is required of you is that you set up your online auction, most commonly done at eBay, but there ARE other online auction services, and sell a product that the drop shipper shows they have in stock. You can then pass the customerís shipping information on to the drop shipping company. The drop shipper does the rest, and they will usually
even use your company information, as well as your company logo if you have provided it to them. When the product arrives at your customerís home, they will have no idea that your company didnít send it. The drop shipper will package, label, and ship the products that you sell, allowing you more time to set up even more auctions, for greater profits.

As you can see, a good understanding of the use of drop shipping can be key to having a successful eBay business.

Many dropshippers can actually give you a link directly to their site which you can use in your ad, along with product description, pricing, and so on. When the customer clicks the link, they are taken directly to the dropshipper's site and the entire ordering process takes place there without you ever even knowing about it until you check your stats or receive your share of the profit!

In order to become successful, it is a good idea to establish a relationship with several reliable drop shipping companies.

In the beginning, most companies will naturally require you to pay for the items that your customers order before they are shipped. You need to fill orders in a timely manner, so you should pay for the items with a credit card for speedy service. Eventually, you will possibly be able to have the drop shipper fill your orders, and then bill you for them later.

When you are first setting up your eBay auctions, you should be sure that your reserve price is set higher than the price that the drop shipper will be charging you for the item. The idea, obviously, is to earn a profit! Depending on the item you are selling, a markup of about 10% should be about right, but you should do some research to see if the item is selling for a lower price in another eBay auction, or through other online sources.

Starting an eBay business using the drop shipping method helps to minimize the financial risk involved. The product will be sold before you pay the drop shipper for the item. This is one of the few businesses where you can actually turn a profit before you have expenditures!

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