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Many people, such as Brandon Dupsky, for example, have proven that it is definitely possible to earn a full time living on eBay. However, it is a mistake to depend solely on eBay for your income. You can be using your eBay auctions to generate a huge amount of business for other products and services you have to offer! Many people, however, fail to make efficient use of eBay’s resources to this end.

Think about this. eBay has over 100 million members, and they gained those members by continually running major marketing campaigns. To put it simply, they are doing your marketing for you! But you have to help yourself as well. The key is to drive people to your auction page, which in turn can be used to drive traffic to the real money maker - your website.

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You have the opportunity to sell many different items on your website, including items that are up for auction at eBay! This is a fabulous way to earn income that does not rely on eBay auctions alone. You can easily accept website payments with a Paypal account, so there is no need to sign up for an expensive merchant account!

While you are not allowed to include the website address of an outside website on your auctions, you are, however, perfectly welcome to place a link to your website on your eBay About Me page. Invite your bidders and potential bidders to view your About Me page, and sit back and watch the website traffic roll in!

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