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How to Use the eBay Security and Resolution Center

Whether you are a novice eBay buyer or an experienced high power seller, various types of problems may arise at some point with any transaction. That is exactly why the eBay Security and Resolution Center was created. Even if you have never as yet have had a problem on eBay, and you don’t expect to, a visit to this eBay resource can be extremely enlightening, and may even help you protect yourself in all of your online activities.

If you have not received an item that you bought from eBay, this is where it would be reported. The same is also true if you sold and shipped an item and have not received payment for it.

There are also many other ways to use the security center as well.

You can learn how to protect yourself from identity theft, how to protect your eBay account and the eBay guidelines that are designed to make everyone’s buying and selling experience safe and enjoyable.

If you are an eBay seller, you will learn how to become a "trusted seller", which will ultimately bring in more profits to you. There is something of value for everyone at the eBay Security and Resolution Center, even those who have never had a security problem at eBay.

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