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Learn About The eBay Shipping Center

It should be obvious that eBay wants to help sellers with every aspect of their eBay business. After all, if people don't make money on eBay, then they do not make money!

The eBay shipping center was created to help ensure that you can get your items to your customers in a timely manner, and in the most efficient and economical way possible.

The eBay shipping center will help you to print shipping labels, help you calculate shipping costs, and even help you with the intracacies of international shipping. Shipping information for all major shipping companies (UPS, FedEx), including the USPS can be found through the shipping center. You can even purchase insurance for packages that will be shipped by the USPS directly through the shipping center.

One of the all time greatest features of the eBay Shipping Center is the ability it provides you to order free co-branded shipping boxes for USPS shipments. These boxes are delivered to you, at no cost! This will cut a great deal of your shipping expenses because you wonít have to purchase your own boxes! There is even a great video that will teach you how to save time and money on your shipping, and whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can easily track your packages through the eBay shipping center as well.

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