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How To Use The eBay Trading Assistants Program

If, after a while, you find that you seem to excel with your eBay auctions, you might want to consider an additional source of revenue as well. The eBay Trading Assistant Program will allow you to sell items for other eBay members on consignment in addition to running your own sales. Being successful at your own auctions is the key to your becoming a successful trading assistant for other people.

Very often, ebay newbies simply donít know what they have to do to make their items sell.

For this reason, people who are auctioning off a one time big ticket item, such as a car or real estate, are advised to use the services of an eBay Trading Assistant just to make sure all goes well. Handling items such as these regularly and well can add up to very big commissions for serious trading assistants!

Usually, trading assistants assume responsibility for every aspect of the auction, including shipping the product to the customer and collecting payment...thus relieving the seller of a lot of stress.

An eBay Trading Assistant can have access to certain marketing materials which are quite helpful and not available to the average seller on eBay.

As this is being written, the requirement for becoming an approved trading assistant, are that you must have sold at least ten items in the last ninety days, have a feedback score of at least 100 with 97% positive feedback or higher, and your eBay account must be in good standing.

As with many such things, things may change, so check the eBay site itself to make sure what the most current requirements and benefits are.

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