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This one's easy, as eBay University is simply a learning program that eBay established to help people become successful eBay as merchants.

Doesn't make sense?

Well, it does to eBay, because when you are successful, they are successful. The more successful eBay sellers there are, the more people who are encouraged to try their hand at selling or buying on eBay. For convenience, eBay classes are held in many locations throughout the United States, and classes may also be completed from the comfort of home, using your computer.

Just so you will be aware; all of the information you will learn through eBay University can be found on the website Ė for free. However, knowing where to find and then understanding that free information and putting it into a cohesive whole, isnít always easy. eBay University will teach you the basics such as how to open a sellerís account, how to conduct research and create listings, how to improve listings for greater success, how to integrate Paypal with eBay, how to monitor your auctions, and how to complete transactions.

Once youíve finished the Selling Basics course and feel better about starting a home based Internet business, you are ready to graduate to the "Beyond the Basics" course. This advanced course teaches you how to start and grow an eBay business, how to choose and create listing formats that can sell, how to use all of the eBay resources, how to market your business, how to pack and ship your items, and much more. Both courses are reasonably priced, and well worth the short amount of time that it takes to complete each course.

There are, of course, many other courses that can teach you how to start an eBay business.

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