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What is Coin Supply Express ?

Coin Supply Express has coin collecting supplies for some of the best prices online. Their quality coin collecting products include Dansco coin albums, Whitman coin folders, state quarter maps, Air Tite coin holders and national park quarter albums.

What can you tell me about the coin collecting supplies from Coin Supply Express?

Coin Supply Express is committed to helping you build and protect your coin collection by providing you with a wide range of coin collecting supplies at discounted prices. As a matter of fact, shopping with us is like buying at wholesale prices. We are one of America’s foremost coin supply companies. We know that you have choices and that's why we are dedicated to perfection. Whether you’ve been collecting coins for decades or just getting started, Coin Supply Express is ready with the coin supplies that you need and low prices that you expect.

All products sold by Coin Supply Express are first run quality. They do not sell used or blemished items unless specifically stated in a product description.

Coin Supply Express is dedicated to having a fantastic selection at incredible prices and backs that up with second-to-none customer service. Give them a try and they’ll prove to you why Coin Supply Express is the world’s best source for all your coin collecting supplies and currency collecting needs.

What philosophy does Coin Supply Express have about coin collecting?

Time works against us. It keeps on grinding and in the blink of an eye Zap! it's gone. Family heirlooms, antiques and coin collections increase in value over time because they are not properly looked after. We have all had our grandmother's "trinket" get bumped off the curio and break. And we think to ourselves "that's a memory lost".

The same is true of coin collections. You work so hard collecting coins and you need to take just another few moments to store and protect them. Coin Supply Express is here to help you do just that. Our coin collecting supplies include coin albums, protective coin holders, coin tubes and specialized coin storage boxes. Some of these items just store your coins while others allow you to take them out and enjoy them while minimizing the risk of damage. Whether your coin collection is priceless or can only represent the hard work that you put into it, you can be sure that time will keep right on grinding away until Zap! it's gone unless you spend a few extra moments to protect it.

Coin Supply Express is here to help you protect, store and enjoy your coin collection.

What is the difference between a Silver Dollar and a Silver Eagle?

Easy answer is 2.5 mm (about 1/11 inch). Silver Eagles are much larger than silver dollars.

However, here's a bit more info about coin collection:

Silver dollars are Eisenhower, Peace, Morgan and Trade dollar coins that are 38.1 mm in diamter and have a face value of $1 and a silver content of about 7/10 of an ounce, although some Eisenhower dollars have no silver content. Most people are familiar with silver dollars.

Silver Eagles are 40.6 mm in diamter (much larger than a silver dollar) and are 1 ounce 99.9% pure silver bullion. Although they are stamped one dollar on the revese side they have a value roughly equal to the silver market, which is currently around $20. A silver eagle has "1 oz. fine silver" printed on it.

Please note that people frequently refer to silver eagles as "silver dollars" because they say "one dollar" on them. If you are buying supplies to store your silver eagles please be sure to specify that you need silver eagle products since they are much larger than a standard silver dollar.

How should I clean my coins?

While Coin Supply Express does offer coin cleaning supplies, the simple answeris: if you have to ask how to clean coins then you probably should not do it.

Let's break this down into two types of coins.

The first type of coin is pocket change.

These are coins that you have accumulated over time. They have no particular value and are in less than outstanding condition. Pocket change coins might have a special meaning to you as a collector but probably do not have any significant value over face value of the coin. You can clean pocket change coins with a number of solutions starting with mild soap and water. Make sure that the soap that you use is not a detergent, which can scratch. Rinse your coin in running water and pat dry. Do not rub your coin to dry it since that can also scratch the surface. Additional chemical cleaners are also available for cleaning coins. Before you clean your prized possession you should always test your cleaners on a coin that you are willing to sacrafice.

The second type of coin is one that has a collectible value.

Perhaps a certain coin is a collectible coin because it is old and rare. Maybe you found it in a field or your grandfather's attic. Or, it might have been sitting ignored and tarnishing in a coin album for the last 50 years. In all cases, if your coin has a collectible value we will repeat: IF YOU HAVE TO ASK - DO NOT DO IT!!! What do you have to gain? More importantly, what do you stand to lose. In all cases your lack of knowledge can only devalue your coin.

Take it to a coin dealer and discuss your options with someone who knows what they're doing. If in the end you decide that it's a wheat back penny that's only worth 500% of its face value ($0.05 cents instead of $0.01) then maybe you'll consider it "pocket change", in which case you can follow the steps above and accept the outcome.

However, if it SHOULD turn out to be valuable, or just a coin which you would like to keep, seriously consider using the many coin storage options available, such as Coin Albums.

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