The flavors of the various herbs cover a wide range, commencing with fennel and ending with sage, and are capable of wide application. In one case which I observed, the cook made a celery-flavored stew of some meat scraps. Not being wholly consumed, the surviving debris appeared a day or two later, in company with other[Pg 22] odds and ends, as the chief actor in a meat pie flavored with parsley. Uh-oh, leftovers again!

"Never mind," mused the cook; and no one who partook of his savory stew discovered the lurking parsley and its overpowered progenitor, the celery, under the effectual disguise of summer savory. By an unforeseen circumstance the fragments remaining from this last stew did not continue the cycle and disappear in another pie. Had this been their fate, however, their presence could have been completely obscured by sage. This problem in perpetual progression or culinary homeopathy can be practiced in any kitchen. But hush, tell it not in the dining-room!

Dried Herbs in Paper and Tin
Dried Herbs in Paper and Tin

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