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The Skinning Guide to Gold Farming

If you are interested in grinding your way to riches, having skinning as a profession is a surefire way to make big profits quickly in World of Warcraft.

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The Skinning Guide to Gold Farming
For many players, skinning seems like a dull profession. It doesn’t lead into another profession right away and it doesn’t provide much in the way of excitement as you aren’t going out of your way to find it.  However, if you are interested in grinding your way to riches, having skinning as a profession is a surefire way to make big profits quickly in World of Warcraft. 

World of Warcraft gold guides have got it right when they tell you that it is probably the most efficient profession you can have in the game.

An Effective Profession

Skinning is primarily effective because you can complete it during the course of your travels without having to return to any zones or anything else. Most World of Warcraft guides don’t have any special directions or zones to visit because you don’t need them. You can skin as you kill regular mobs. What’s better is that anyone who is not a skinner will leave the carcasses of their kills ripe and ready for the picking by skinners like you. That means you can step in and pick off their kills with ease, boosting your totals substantially.

Where to Skin

That having been said, most World of Warcraft gold guides will give you a few good locations where you should spend more time searching for creatures to skin. At most lower levels, these areas are the ones where high volumes of hunting quests are performed such as Stranglethorn Vale, where the expedition mastery quests, which combine to make up 60 separate kills for each player, can leave trails of bodies ready for you to skin throughout the zone.

What to Skin

While an early strategy to skin any creature you see is a good one, there are instances where you will want to focus your efforts a little more concertedly toward certain mobs than others, especially when the chance for rare leather drops are possible. In Outland for example, you can make big profits off of mobs that drop Knothide Leather and especially Heavy Knothide Leather. For this reason, Nagrand is obviously a very popular place for skinners to work. Most World of Warcraft guides tell playes to park themselves in Nagrand and pick off any of the 180 different kills being done for the Nagrand mastery quests by each player. 

There are a lot of mobs out here that are skinnable and they respawn constantly. With a good World of Warcraft gold guide in hand you can make a fortune in no time.

In the final analysis, the key to skinning for gold is in knowing where to be, when to be there and how long to spend there farming for gold. If you can effectively approach every step of the skinning and hunting process with a goal of acquiring gold in mind, you can make as much as 150-200 gold an hour at the highest levels – never forget all that valuable vendor trash and item drops.

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