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For Weight Loss Put Fiber In Your Diet

Despite the hype that often accompanies its praises, fiber is a very healthy addition to a good diet. It's no miracle cure, but a substantial amount of insoluble fiber does help move material through the colon faster. this gives it a cleansing effect on the digestive system.

Fiber Supplement - Shaklee Fiber PlanŽ - Kosher Fiber SupplementBy improving the solidity and bulk of solid waste it also helps to keep older people more regular, less constipated.

One major result, which is supported by many studies, is (among other benefits) a reduction in the odds of colon cancer.

Insoluble fiber, so-called because it does not dissolve readily in water, is found in nuts, wheat bran, whole grains and many vegetables.

There's also another kind of fiber called, as you might have guessed, soluble fiber.

As the name suggests it does dissolve readily in water. It, too, has health benefits.

Soluble fiber can be gotten from citrus fruit like oranges and lemons, apples, beans, oats and barley grain.

Among the many health benefits of soluble fiber, studies strongly suggest that some soluble fibers (beta glucan) can help reduce cholesterol.

As with every other aspect of your regular diet, it's best to have everything in the proper proportion. How much is the "proper proportion", in the case of fiber? The recommended consumption for the average adult over 50 years of age is 21g for women and 30g for men. For those under 50 the amounts are 25g for women, 38g for men.

Of course, that's only an average (for men about 170lbs, women around 120lbs). You'll certainly want to consult tables to find out the needed amounts for your weight. Also, be aware, there are those rare individuals who are sensitive to certain foods and they will need to seek out sources of fiber that bettersuit their particular circumstances.

As a rough starting point, there are several common foods that will be right for most.

A cup of raisin bran cereal has about 7g of fiber, and is often manufactured with helpful vitamins as well. A cup of oatmeal is a good source, even though it only contains 4g. A half-cup of cooked black beans contains about 7.5g. A half-cup of tomato paste has nearly 6g, while a half-cup of cooked Lima beans has nearly 7g.

Bran muffins have long been touted as a good source of fiber, and that's true, they are. Many, however, are also high in fat and sugar, so exercise some moderation and seek out a low-fat type if possible. A couple of dozen peanuts can also be a good source of fiber, but here again they are high in fat. Control the urge to get large amounts of fiber from them. You don't want to pile on the calories when getting needed nutrients.

Many fruits are also good sources of fiber, including raspberries (1/2 cup contains 5.5g), blackberries (1/2 cup has 3.8g) and apples (3.3g per apple). Even pumpkin is a good source (3.5g in 1/2 cup), but this too can be a source high in fat and sugar, if it's in the form of pumpkin pie.

A slice of bread has 2g, so the average sandwich will supply 4g, but be sure to get whole grain bread for the best health benefits, not the ultra-processed white.

Put both soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet and be good to yourself.

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