Aromatherapy And Weight Loss

Aromatherapy for Weight Loss

All sorts of claims are made about the health benefits of aromatherapy. But, does aromatherapy work for weight loss?

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By: Donovan Baldwin

These days, it almost seems that if anyone finds a shiny rock, or new flavor of bubble gum, they immediately claim that it can be used for weight loss.

When it comes to programs and philosophies related to health, this is even more likely, and, the aromatherapy is no different.

It is not so surprising, as the promoters of aromatherapy for health and well-being, often are able to find links between aromatherapy and weight loss and draw the conclusion that aromatherapy for weight loss is just logical.

You can't really blame them as there DO seem to be some links between the two and aromatherapy is such a "feel good" practice, it can seem almost a blessing to find that you can lose some weight by inhaling some pleasant aromas...often in a relaxing atomosphere such as a spa, massage therapy session, or while meditating or doing yoga.

In fact, some have claimed, without any real proof, that certain essential oils, grapefruit in particular, actually can "cause" weight loss. Others, not willing to be so didactic are willing to concede that aromatherapy, when properly used, can be a "factor" in weight loss.

I come down on the "factor" side and will explain why.

First of all, aromatherapy can help relive stress. Stress has been shown to be an important "factor" in many cases of weight gain. It's an easy equation: Relieve the stress, lose the weight...or prevent the weight gain in the first place.

My second point is that if you feel better, or feel better about yourself, you are more likely to have an active lifestyle and more likely to look at other health-related aspects of your life. After all, feeling good, or at least "better" can be contagious within one's own psyche.

This brings me to my third point.

People seeking to improve their health or wellbeing through one method often try others at the same time as well.

For example, the person who decides to start walking for weigh loss often will also decide to cut calories at the same time. In fact, since weight gain is often the result of multiple factors, it is not surprising that a multi-pronged approach to weight loss is more effective than just choosing to work the problem from one angle.

With this in mind, it is not suprising that some of the most successful weight loss progams use a combination of approaches. Heck! Even Richard Simmons (Is HE still alive?) has just brought out a new weight loss program which incoporates exercise and calorie control.

While aromatherapy is often used alone, it is often also used along with some of the practices noted above.

Go for a massage, and there may be some aromatherapy in use, both in the oils used by the massage therapist, but also in the form of the fragrances wafting through the air to help relax you or invigorate you. Take up meditation, and you may find yourself burning candles or incense to improve the experience. Start practicing yoga, and you might find yourself also enhancing the experience with aromatherapy...whether you call it that or not.

Yoga, as exercise, can be quite beneficial for weight loss. Meditation or a massage can help you relax, which helps reduce stress, and may also help you focus on your weight loss efforts. While aromatherapy for weight loss is probably NOT going to be that successful, but, combining it with other weight loss strategies, can enhance their effects or make it easier to stay on track.

Whatever you do, avoid fad diets for weight loss as most diets don't work. Stick with living well, and concentrating on a happy healthy lifestyle and, whether you choose to add aromatherapy into your weight loss program or not, you will soon begin to look and feel better.

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