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Understanding the Theory and Practice of Reiki

Our modern world is a stressful place, and it is not surprising that people look for alternative methods for relieving this stress. Aside from medications and other treatments that offer the promise of comfort and relaxation, people are now looking to ancient practices such as Reiki to relieve them of at least some of that stress.

"Reiki" is a word of Japanese origin which is the name of a unique technique that is used by many for reducing stress. Intially used to relieve the physical aches brought by too much stress, Reiki is now also used to aid in relaxation and healing. It is a practice, which like others, such as meditation, massage, and aromatherapy, which not only works on a person's physical body but his or her mind, emotions, and spirit as well.

Commonly administered by a "laying on hands" by a Reiki master, or at least an initiate in the skill, this healing technique is believed to assert its effects through an invisible "life energy" which flows within every living individual.

The concept of Reiki is that when the level of someone's life force energy is incredibly low, he or she will likely to have more stress and therefore have a higher tendency to get sick or least as compared to those people with high level of life energy force.

Studies, by the way, while not proving or disproving the efficacy of Reiki itself, do show that high stress reduces the body's ability, and the mind's for that matter, to fight off illness. It is for this reason that other alternative health practices as aromatherapy, meditation, and massage are so effective in keeping the mind and body healthy.

In Reiki, it also appears that those people who are living healthy, stress-free, and happy lives possess high level of life force energy. This enables them to have positive outlook in life. These people also seem to have a greater capability to face the challenges of everyday living.

Reiki Founder Mikao Usui

Originally developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Tendai Buddhist, in the year 1922, Reiki has become a very popular form of relieving stress for people all over the world. Since its inception, the technique of Reiki has evolved to encompass various forms and now is practiced by numerous Reiki masters across the globe.

Reiki Healing

With each passing day, more and more people are discovering Reiki.

In fact, in recent years the technique has shown many great and surprising results. For many who have tried it, the treatment has the aspects of a wonderful, almost mystical, tool for relieving stress. This is partly because they donít have to spend so much money on doctors, and medicines which can have grave side effects. In many cases, they can avoid painful and difficult therapies and/or questionable nutritional regimens.

One reason Reiki is considered to be a great method of relaxation because it uses the innate warmth and energy within a person. This energy is subsequently converted into a more pure form of energy which is free from the stresses and toxicities of modern living. Many who have tried Reiki report that the technique not only treats the person's physical body, but also alleviates the burden of negative emotions, lessens the clutter within the mind, and nourishes a a despondent or deteriorated spirit.

Once a person frees his or her mind and body from all these physical and emotional burdens, he or she will benefit from a relaxed approach to almost all kinds of environments because of the feelings of calmness and serenity which become infused within his or her system.

A Different Approach

Unlike other relaxation techniques, such as meditation, Reiki remains one of the most simple and most natural means of healing the spirit. It's safety is also a factor in that almost all people can make use of it without anything resembling side effects. When used properly and practiced religiously, Reiki can be an answer to most of the health and emotional problems of many people.

In order to make use of the effects and practice of Reiki properly, one should really attend a formal class where the ability is transferred from the Reiki master to the studen. Using the concept of "attunement", under the guidance of a Reiki master, most can easily learn to convert his or her innate energy into a healthy and beneficial use.

Under the guidance of the Reiki master, one can succeed in learning to tap the essentially limitless source of energy within and use it to improve his or her quality of life.

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