Crewel Embroidery Made Easy

Men and women are usually into fashion, and that is where the importance of Crewel embroidery came from. The lightly stenciled patterns in the fabrics of dresses, which are then embroidered over by a cotton thread, are samples of this needlework. It is the type of artful stitching that gives elaborate handwork on every pattern or design on clothing, may it be on shirt, jacket, shawl, hat, or pants. It is classified in the free style art of weaving or needlework, which means that the craftsmanship lies solely on the finished design net of the underlying fabric. It also involves distinct materials to ensure perfect needlecraft:

- Embroidery needles- are especially designed needles varying in sizes and holes. There are some that are straight while some are curved for even easier stitching. For Crewel embroidery, there is also a set of these needles applicable for the handwork alone. These are usually sharp and elongated eyed needles.

- Embroidery threads- are cotton threads that vary in color, thickness, and materials. These are usually named in numbers to easily identify which will be used in a specific design. When doing Crewel embroidery, using the right number and set of materials for its thread is very important as it heavily influence the end product of a design.

- Embroidery Floss- is a kind of thread composed of six loosely twisted strands. It is available in a variety of material: cotton, silk, rayon, sheen, linen, and metallic ones. Usually, it has a length of 8.7 yards or 8 meters as a standard.

- Embroidery hoops-are oval or circular and are made up of two interlocking sections. These are used to hold the cloth to avoid any miscalculation in the needlework. The larger of the two circles have an adjustable screw for tightening the hoops together so the fabric will be stretched for easier stitching. Machine frames are different as these are in rectangular shapes.

- Crewel Embroidery demands sturdy and weaved tightly base fabrics to keep the needlework from sagging. It also provides tension while the design is being done but the use of frames like hoops is still very important. It ensures that the design will never distort of crumple during and after the needlecraft is done.

The stunning technique of Crewel embroidery also has a long history.

In fact, these are museum pieces traced back to the early 1500s as part of European culture. It was introduced when the East started trading their fine wool, although the word crewel was used even earlier in 1494. It refers to wool yarns used in crewelwork. The word is also used as a joke that means the cruelty of the needle’s pricks every practicing person will need to endure.

To date, the culture of crewel lives on and it spread across continents.

While there are men who do crewel and other forms of embroidery, it is women especially who are drawn to the relaxing process of crewel embroidery. Mothers love designing and producing designs they love their families to wear and homes to use. Also, this technique of needle craft is among the best employment nowadays due to the high demands of fashionable dresses and home fabric decorations.

Its materials are also widely available over the counters and even online.

On top of that, formal training and schooling are also offered to those willing to embark on it as either a business or simple pastime.

Crewel Embroidery Made Easy
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