Try These Golf Exercises for Better Success

As with so many things which make use of body and mind, regular exercise will help with almost all aspects of your golf game.

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Try These Golf Exercises For Better Scores

In the game of golf, as in any other athletic activity, peak performance is not just superior technique, but having a body that does what you need it to do. Toning, stretching, warming-up, and easy weight training all help improve scores on the course. As with so many things which make use of body and mind, regular exercise will help with almost all aspects of your golf game.


Putting requires relaxed concentration, driving, on the other hand, calls for strength and limber joints. Start by rotating all the "golf" joints - hands and fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Then loosen up that all important neck and spine by rotating the head gently counter-clockwise then clockwise.

Start slowly, and be careful to stretch less than the maximum possible. Hold each stretch for several seconds, then repeat, gradually but gently increasing the stretch until you can move smoothly out to the maximum extension.

Standing straight, stretch both arms straight up, rotate the forearms, then wrists, then flex the finger joints. Follow by rotating the entire arm, first one then the other then both together. Reverse directions and repeat.

With elbows bent and hands clasped above the head, use the right hand to pull the body right, followed by the left hand to pull the body left. That stretches those major muscles called the latissimus dorsi. (The long ones running from the shoulder blades down the sides of the back to the waist.)

Separate the feet to about shoulder width and bend side to side, front to back. Remember to keep pressure off the lower back, by keeping the angles shallow until you've achieved athletic fitness.

Be real, people.  Keep all angles and extensions age appropriate.


Start by walking around in a circle of about twenty feet in diameter, building up to the distance around a city block. To elevate muscle temperature, start with simple aerobics. A short jog on a gentle surface, or even a few minutes running in place. Keep in mind, you're not doing weight loss exercises, just getting lots of blood flow to the muscles and raising the heart rate slightly.


Hip Internal Rotation

Sit on a chair with your knees pointed straight in front of you. Rotate your ankles outward keeping your knees and thighs pointed straight ahead.

Hip External Rotation

Same position. Now, cross the left ankle in front of the right and, keeping the thighs and knees pointed straight, hold for one second. Repeat, reversing ankles.

Hip Abduction

Starting with your left side bend your left knee slightly and straighten your right. Raise your right leg straight up to the side, keeping it in the plane of your body. Hold for one second and count to two as you lower the leg. Repeat on the other side. In a few weeks, try adding a one- to two-pound ankle weight.


Extend your left leg, knee straight on a low bench. Keep your back straight and chin up as you slowly reach toward the toes. Hold for two seconds, then repeat on your right leg.

Lower Back

Sit with head erect, shoulders squared on a low bench. Slowly turn to your left, to slightly less than maximum. Reach hands around as if reaching for a seat back. Remember to keep your feet nearly flat on the floor. Hold for two seconds, then repeat on right side.


Extending your left arm straight out, palm face-up, use your right hand to pull back the fingers of your left hand. Then turn your palm down and again use your right hand to gently pull back the fingers of your left. Hold each position for 10 to 20, then repeat, switching arms.

Start slowly and increase repetitions, adding weights to wrists and ankles as you gain strength. Even doing just a few regular golf exercises can improve your golf game.

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