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How to Take Care of a Pet Bird

Keeping a pet bird can be simple or it can be hard. The difficulty depends on many factors, of course. It will depend on the type of bird, your experience and resources, and the pleasure you derive from taking care of your little feathereed companion.

As a child, I had several parakeets and nursed many wild birds back to health. As an adult, my wife and I raised budgerigars for show and breeding. At one time, we had about 100 budgies in our garage.

At some point, it eventually ceased being fun and became work. What had started as being caring for a pet bird became more like a business or obligation.

It WAS a business, and, even though we loved our birds, taking care of them was work.

For a while, we kept finches, but again, we enjoyed the birds so much that we kept adding to our flock until we had phased ourselves out of the "fun" area and into the "work" area.

Now, we know to stay within our limitations and keep the "herd" (after all, we are in Texas), down to size.

However, we have learned a lot over the years about how to take care of a pet bird...or several.

We are sharing some of this information on the pages of this website and hope you find it of benefit. Simply follow the links along the left side of this page to find the information you are looking for about how to take care of a pet bird.

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