Make Fabulous Soap Gifts For Your Friends Or Family

Imagine the look on the faces of your friends and family if you could present them with a fabulous looking, eye catching, great smelling, bar of soap you made yourself!

How would you feel if you could make a bar of soap that looked good enough to sell in a shop? Imagine what your friends would say! Well, with melt and pour soap, it’s easy.

Melt and pour soap comes in a base that you simply melt, fragrance, colour, pour into a mould and leave to set – it’s really that easy! The base comes in 2 forms – transparent clear and opaque white. You buy the base ready made, so your soap making process is quick and easy.

You can make this type of soap at home, in your kitchen, with basic kitchen equipment. No need to rush out and buy expensive equipment or protective clothing. It is so simple that even children can make soap with some supervision.

Having both a transparent base and an opaque one, you can create lots of fun techniques to make your soap look even more professional and unique.

For example, you can create wonderful effects by layering with different colours, marbling with colours and even putting things inside your bars of soap – such as flowers, petals, seeds, pieces of soap and even small toys. There are endless possibilities for turning a simple bar of soap into something fancy.

The soap takes from a few minutes to a few hours to set, depending on the size of the mould. Once it is set, it is ready to use, or give as a gift – so you can make wonderful presents in no time at all.

You can tailor make your soap for your friends and family by choosing their favourite colour or fragrance. You can make a whole range of soaps using different shaped moulds, or you can make a loaf of soap that will last them a whole year!! The choices are endless!

You can use all sorts of things to package your soaps, lots of which can be found around the house or in craft shops. You can easily use packaging to personalise your gifts according to others’ tastes or hobbies, making your gifts even more special.

Because the soap base is made from an exact recipe you can easily replicate it – so if your friend loves her gift and wants another bar of soap that is exactly the same, it is no problem for you to simply make more!

Melt and pour soap making is a great hobby that is fun and easy to do and will allow you to make numerous fabulous gifts in no time.

Make Fabulous Soap Gifts For Your Friends Or Family
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