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Ted's Woodworking Plans and Projects - Easy Woodworking Projects - Professional Woodworking Tips

If you have ever looked at a paper or online woodworking magazine or website and wished you knew how to make your own furniture learn about Ted's Woodworking Plans. Forget all the woodworking books and learn how to build furniture and much more. Download all the woodworking projects and plans you could dream of.

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Where to Find Woodworking Plans To Download: Complete Woodworking Instruction for Do It Yourself Furniture and Other Home Carpentry Projects.

Have you ever driven past a lumber yard, browsed through the tool department at Home Depot, Lowes, or even WalMart and thought that you wished you knew something about woodworking?

Would you really like to start learning the woodworking craft?

Having done a bit of woodworking myself, and having assisted many master carpenters, I can tell you that it's not exactly easy, at least not if you want to become good at what you're doing. But, it's personally fulfilling and rewarding fun, and it's worth all the effort for sure. In fact, not only will you get the intense pleasure of learning how to build furniture, sheds, and doing some quality home carpentry, you will get good exercise as well and, perhaps even make a little money.

Of course, unless you already know a bit about the woodworking hobby, you will need some guidance from a woodworking professional, and you can get it on the Internet if you want to make it as easy as possible for yourself.


You probably already know that the internet is full of all kinds of information, and you will be able to find plenty about woodworking online. You will even be able to find as many DIY woodworking plans as you would ever need. However, it's always of importance to check their accuracy since there are a few plans out there which shouldn't be there at all. For the success of your woodworking projects, you should only use easy, professional, and accurate DIY woodworking plans, especially in the beginning, since that will make it a lot easier for you to be successful. That, in turn, will make the woodworking craft a lot more fun... as you'll soon discover.


You can always subscribe to a woodworking magazine, such as woodmagazine.com, if you want to try an alternative to the Internet woodworking websites.

It IS a fact that many do it yourself woodworking plans that can be found in magazines, and online, are pretty accurate and easy to follow and you will most likely get great results if you stick to the plan. The one major disadvantage of woodworking magazines is cost. You have to keep buying magazine after magazine, which is what they want you to do, to get a selection of DIY woodworking plans from a magazine. That's going to be a lot more expensive than downloading woodworking plans from a quality woodworking website.

It's a lot easier to use the net but you need to keep your eyes open and look at woodworking websites with a critical eye before you start following one of their plans.

One thing to keep in mind in the beginning is that it's good to start with simple DIY woodworking plans where you can use hand tools to complete the project. You need to learn how to handle hand tools before you start using heavier tools. It's very important for your safety that you learn much about the woodworking craft before you start using heavier tools.

Take a look around online and see what you can find out there. You will probably be able to find a good online guide for woodworking rookies and the same site might offer you some quality hand tools as well. Some knowledge and good hand tools is all you need to start. You will be able to create your own furniture within a few years if you start your woodworking practice right away.

Okay, here's the plug. One of the best woodworing websites I know of is Ted's Woodworking Plans and Projects. He has been around for years, has hundreds of satisfied customers and offers over 16,000 woodworking plans.

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...start looking around the Internet, and Barnes & Noble, and get some woodworking ideas today!

If you need more information about how to make your own furniture you will find a very informative website at Ted's Woodworking Plans.

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