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Halloween for Teens

Many say that Halloween is just for children.

Well, how about teens?

After all, many teenagers are also waiting for the occasion to come. When they were teenagers, my twin daughters would try to outdo each other with Halloween decoreations and coustmes. Even now, as they turn 31, they still do...only they now have kids to pass the tradition on to.

That is because Halloween can be great fun for anyone of any age. Used to be that costumes were available only for little kids, If teens wanted to "dress up" for Hallowe'en, they had to get creative and were limited by what was avaiable to them.

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These days, however, there are professionally designed costumes for teens. They can be almost anything from a fairy tale princess, to the Green Lantern, or even a "Wear" Wolf.

You and I know for a fact that teens love fun, perhaps at the level as children do. Thus, it is probably correct to assert that Halloween is for teens, too.

Why? Teenagers surely are looking forward to exciting Halloween activities in the coming season. Now, they may already consider themselves too old to participate in the traditional trick and treat on Halloween night. But they probably are counting on other Halloween activities. It is just natural for them.

Teenagers could use Halloween as an occasion to find opportunities to have fun with their groups or peers.

You could surely find some teens in your community who may still stick to the traditional Hallowe'en trick or treating. It could be truly fun seeing those teens still at it. Perhaps, you could tease them about the idea of the inappropriateness. They may not be serious anymore about the candies and goodies they may collect, but they could still gather for the sake of fun. On your part, perhaps you could give them a different stuff like pastries or other food stuff that they certainly would appreciate.

Do not be surprised to see teens with their groups during Halloween. Teenagers naturally stick with their peers. They could do something else aside from the traditional trick or treat. Do not underestimate their creativity. You may see a group of teens organizing a mini concert or a street dance as way of enjoying the occasion. They may showcase all their other talents to awe children and surprise adults. It may be truly be fun to watch out for what teens are up to on Halloween.

Of course, expect teenagers to actively participate in any Halloween party. If you are organizing one, do not forget to acknowledge their presence. You could think of specific activities in the party that would be directly participated in by teens. You could let them take their time. How about a fun and challenging competition or parlor game? Expect teens also to impress in their costumes. Indeed, they would not let children surpass and beat them when it comes to creative costumes. You should strive to motivate and inspire these people to sincerely participate in and attend in your organized party.

During such parties, allow teens to socialize by themselves. You should not break them away if ever it appears that they are creating their own faction in the Halloween party. They could take the opportunity to impress the opposite sex. Or they could simply hang out with their companions. Whatever they do, respect them and understand how being a teenage is different. You have passed that way in the past as well, you, of all the people, should be able to relate to them. This could be your advantage as well.

You could relate and think about Halloween activities that teens would surely like. Make this Halloween memorable to all teenagers in the community.

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