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Track the Field to a Good Athletic Scholarship

Many of young students today are gifted with aptitude in various sports. Some excel in soccer, gymnastics, swimming, archery, while the others excel in football, golf, the martial arts, track and field events, and the list goes on.

Nowadays, the ability of youths to fulfill their passions, and get on in the world, comes with an added bonus - athletic scholarships.

Athletic scholarships are specially designed for the students who excel in sports provided they will be able to hold a good grade point average which is appropriate to the required scores of the organization who funded the scholarship. Of course, the talent that goes with the discipline a devoted sports person desires allows the student to find the best of two worlds.

If you are one of these sports oriented persons who wants to acquire an athletic scholarship, your initial step is to look for the college institutions or universities which present the academic program that suits to your interests.

However, you still have to note that educating yourself even though playing sports has its requirements and is not just a "gimme". As you seek higher educaton, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons of attending either a smaller colleges or a larger institution.

You may find yourself doing well in a smaller college. That's what we sometimes call the "big fish in the small pond" syndrome. You may, on the other hand, enroll in a large institution, but chances are you might find yourself just one more potential alternative among a lot of other athletes.

You should also be aware that the level of sports played during college are not like playing in your high school or in your local community.  Before getting involved in college level sports, you should consult first your trainer/coach to get his or her opinion as to whether you're “good enough” to qualify for college sports already.

The level of play at that level is very much different and so often competition has sent what was dubbed as great players in their community to mediocrity in this level.

There are two ways in pursuing the athletic scholarship. First is through official applications. And the other is on the recommendation of a scout who represents the colleges and who travels to assess players in various sports, looking for the players that appear to possess qualities the various organizations are looking for.

If you aim to succeed in this way, begin by aiming to excel in your sophomore year. At the same time, maintain high grades to meet the academic requirements. It is also advisable that you compile your accomplishments for being an athlete. Consult to your coach whether which sports you will be best fitted according to your abilities.  

Also, be careful in selecting the school which offers the proper balance between sports and academics. Talk to a career guidance counselor; as this may help you in choosing the subjects you can study so you can qualify academically and not just in sports alone. You might also want to establish contacts among the coaches of the colleges where you are applying, and let them know that you are dedicated to both your education and your sport and are eager to know more about their curriculum and athletic program.

To this end, show yourself to your best advantages by showcasing both academic and athletic accomplisments. Then explain that you are looking for a scholarship. It will also be an advantage if you would take the lead in submitting the applications to the college where the coach you wanted to contact works, this will emphasize your enthusiasm for the program.

With all the colleges and universities that offer athletic scholarships for great athletes, your college education should never be too much of a strain to your parent’s purse anymore. Instead, they will feel proud of having a kid who can excel not just in sports alone, but also in academics.

Now, as you go on to your application, remember that handling the application sensibly and with discipline is the best recipe to ensure a full athletic scholarship in college.

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