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College Scholarships for Black Students: Passport to Success

One was well known as the designated National Spokesman for Nation of Islam, which was a religious and socio-political black organization founded in the United States. Its aim is to resurrect the mental, social, spiritual, and economic condition of black men and women in the country as well as on other parts of the world.

He is Malcolm X.

One was the world famous leader of the American civil right movement and won the Nobel Peace Prize because of his unflinching promotion of peace and equal treatment for different races throughout the world.

He is Martin Luther King, Jr.

One is the three-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and one of the best pound-for-pound boxers ever existed, which made his way towards the Boxing Hall of Fame.

He is Muhammad Ali, or Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.

Each of them had their own world to explore and own business to attend to, but there is one thing that binds them as one.

All of them are successful African-Americans, or also known as Black Americans.

As most of us understand, a Black American is considered to be one of the members of an ethnic group in the United States, whose ancestors are traced its roots predominantly to Africa. The majority of them are descendants of African slaves who were transported from Central Africa through the Middle Passage to North America and the Caribbean during the trans-Atlantic slave trade (1609-1807). Still others are immigrants from European and African nations who are classified by the United States census as African-American demographically instead of socially.

Their population is estimated to be at 40 million and they are predominantly Christians and Muslims. Furthermore, due to hundreds of events that happened within the history of the United States, Black Americans rose from the ethnic ranks and proved themselves to be called a majority class instead of being in the ethnic class. They have triumphed, producing Black American personalities who succeeded in their respective field of endeavors.

And like all students of all races everywhere, all black college students want to succeed in reaching their respective dreams.

Despite the popularity of various individual Black American personalities, poverty is still a fact within the ranks of several Black American families. They often experience extreme difficulties in sending their children to college, particularly in exclusive universities such as Harvard and Yale. They can withstand the discrimination that is still present despite of everything that has happened, yet poverty is something they cannot withstand anymore.

Is there any hope for a black student who desires to follow a field of study in college?

I am happy to say, "Yes, there is!"

And it is simply through getting a black college scholarship.

There are hundreds of scholarships available that are not just open to White Americans alone, but are also intended for Black American students. Then you have apecific scholarships for minority students; college scholarships provided by Black American and African organizations (whether civic or religious based), and government-sponsored scholarships for black students. The United States Constitution clearly states that there should be no discrimination in terms of getting a solid and well-rounded education to its citizens.

Whether you are a white or a black, you are entitled to pursue a high quality of education in this country.

With these scholarships for aspiring black college students, as well as other minorities, they will be able to fulfill their dreams of becoming one of the successful personalities, just as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Muhammad Ali, who have already left their marks in their respective fields of endeavor. Poverty is still an obstacle, but just a minor obstacle—there is hope for anyone, including for a black student who want to take a step higher and get to college.

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