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About Christian College Scholarships and Following the Path where God Leads You

If you are reading this, you have asked yourself; what will be your life after high school?

Graduating from high school is a major moment of truth. You need to decide before that day on the path that you will follow after your high school life...possibly for the rest of your life. There will be some who prefer to get a job right away instead of pursuing their college dreams while others will join the military as their service to the American people. A majority of high school graduates, however, will still be still be undecided even on graduation day on what career they will pursue after high school.

However, as a Christian high school student, the most essential thing you need to remember to do is follow the path where God is leading you.

Let me tell you a little story:

There was once a college professor who had earned his bachelor's degree on a Christian college. He almost felt like he was in "heaven" a place where he is surrounded by professors and students who are all devoted Christians. They supported him in the endeavor he wanted to push through while studying. Going out in the world, he had also friends who attended other Christian colleges and experienced the same thing.

Although attending a Christian college will not necessarily lead to a sacerdotal ordination as a priest or a soldier of God, getting yourself enrolled in college where the administrators, staff, faculty, and students are devoted Christians is indeed an excellent choice for many. They care not only for your education, but for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as well. In addition, there were past researches made which indicated that students who attend Christian colleges are most likely to affirm their Christian faith and strong belief in God.

Possibly you are afraid of the potential high cost of attending a Christian college or university. However, there might be nothing to worry about. In fact, there are many students who have attended Christian colleges and universities through the help of generous donors.

Just as at secular colleges and universities, Christian colleges also offer several scholarships to students who are having financial difficulties yet are determined to finish their collegiate studies and obtain their college degree through the intervention of God.

Whle there can be several steps that you can take to receive a Christian college scholarship, here's a small list of some of them::

  • Spring of Junior Year- during at this stage of your high school education, there are various sponsors that offer scholarships to students who want to finish their college education on a Christian college. Most of the scholarships offered during this time have application deadlines set on the senior years.
  • January-May of your High School Senior Year- at this point, you need to complete a FAFSA or the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid. You can get these from your high school counselor or from the Christian college where you plan to enroll.
After you completed your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), your ISIR or Institutional Student Informational Record would be produced and would be sent to the Christian college where you are listed. Once the college receives your ISIR, they will send you a SAR or Student Aid Report. Just complete the information on the SAR to receive the financial aid package.

Keep in mind that, like with any attempt to achieve a valuable goal, the best way to obtain a good Christian college scholarship is to do your best while you are on your high school years. It means that you should have a higher GPA, higher rankings from your academic class, and a higher score on your SAT. Aside from your excellent academic records, you must also have an active participation in other school activities such as youth groups, community volunteer programs, and others.

As mentioned earlier in this discussion, follow the path where God wants to lead you. Do not be afraid, through His intervention, your Christian college life will not be as difficult as others may think.

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