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Since getting 'Ultimate Language Secrets', learning languages has not only become relatively easy for me again, but also enjoyable.

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I once thought it was impossible to teach an old dog new tricks, especially when it came to learning a new language.

Then, the U.S. Army sent me to Monterey, California to attend the Defense Language Institute, West Coast (DLIWC). They taught me German. Then, a few years later, I returned to learn Polish.

Now, I'm the kind of person that prides themselves in the ability to learn and pick up a language quickly. But, as the years passed, and old age hit, it got harder and harder to learn a language. I just did not have the concentration and memory I had in my younger days. It was frustrating to someone who had actually been an army linguist.

Retaining new information and techniques, particularly in the pursuit of foreign languages, was almost impossible...that is, until I picked up a copy of Owen's Ultimate Language Secrets.

You see, Owen's language learning program is unlike any other language learning program out there.

There are so many helpful tips and methods that he goes over extensively in his book. He breaks it all down step by step without overwhelming you with a whole bunch of rules and regulations. He even tackles one of my biggest language learning hurdles at the moment...what was it now?

Oh yeah, forgetfulness!

This is an element that tends to accompany old age. However, Owen is very generous in sharing the knowledge and experience that he has about languages and being able to learn them quickly and easily. I feel a lot younger, at least in my mind, whenever I go through his course, it's as if I can remember and incorporate everything he says with no problem at all.

Learning languages has not only become relatively easy for me again, but also enjoyable.

Since I started reading the Ultimate Language Secrets, I've been able to learn 2 more languages in just a short span of 5 months.

Of course, I'm not quite as fluent as I want to be, but, boy, can I hold a conversation. You'd think I was a native speaker. A native wouldn't think that of course, but it feels like it to me!

This course has really helped me to get my spark back.

Don't ever think you're too old or too young or lack the skill to learn something new. With a little will power and the right resources, you can achieve anything you set out to do. In my case it was to learn another new language and thanks to Owen and his innovative program, I was able to do just that.

I highly recommend the Ultimate Language Secrets to anyone who has a desire to learn a new language. It's one of the best resources available out there.


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