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What is Travel Industry Secrets about?

Were you aware of this fact?

It is a simple fact: Travel Agents are treated differently than the rest of us mortals.

The reason is simple. The travel industry is a 4 trillion dollar a year business, and with that kind of money being spent on travel, you can just imagine the competition. The travel industry will spend millions on advertising and they'll do what ever it takes to get their piece of the pie.

It is a well known fact that the travel industry survives on the business supplied them by Travel Agents. Because so much of their business relies on these Travel Agents, the travel industry treats Travel Agents like royalty!

Honestly, if a travel related business or vendor is not known and used by a country's travel agents, their business will suffer tremendously. Simply put, travel companies need Travel Agents to survive. The entire travel industry and business depends on them!

Most people don't know how quick and easy it is to become a travel agent if you know the secrets. In fact, with our exclusive insider information contained in the Travel Industry Secrets, you'll actually become a licensed Travel Agent in about twenty minutes…it's that quick and it's that easy!

Once you become a Travel Agent, new doors are opened and many new courtesies are extended to you, that the everyday folks aren't privy to. As I said, travel companies need travel agents and when you become one of them, you'll be showered with discounts and gratuities by way of deeply discounted and even free travel benefits.

Imagine for a moment that you are going to set sail on a Caribbean cruise this winter while everyone back home is shoveling snow and stuck indoors, trying to keep warm.

Not only are you going to be able to enjoy the balmy breezes of the Caribbean, you're doing it for just $35 a day while the people in the next cabin are paying upwards of $200 each day for the same cabin, the same food, and the same service.

Maybe you just want to fly home to visit your relatives. Instead of paying $600 to fly across the country like you did last year, your ticket is discounted to only $285. And just before you board, you hear your name over the airline's loudspeaker, calling you to the ticket counter. As you approach, you are notified that your discounted coach ticket has just been upgraded to first class. Now, your $285 dollar coach ticket has a value of over $1,500 simply because you have become a licensed Travel Agent.

After a quick flight, you arrive at your destination and make your way to the rental car agency. Before you left, you had booked a standard size vehicle for 50% off the published rate. Once at the counter, the rental agent advises you that you are entitled to a free upgrade and ask if you're interested….

These are only a few of the courtesies that you'll find extended to you when traveling as a licensed Travel Agent.

But it gets even better.

You see, travel businesses - airlines, hotels, tour operators, car rental agencies, cruise lines, etc. recognize the benefits of helping travel agents become familiar with the products they are selling. It is for this very simple reason, that, in addition to favorable rates and discounts, these same vendors also offer free familiarization trips to resort destinations, free dinners, free shows, and free cocktail hours to learn about vendor offerings.

Imagine if you will…a couple weeks after receiving our priceless information on travel industry secrets, you get an invitation for you and a guest to spend an entire week at an all-inclusive resort, absolutely free. Normally, this experience would run a hefty $3,000 per couple. But this resort wants to pamper you and create an experience of a lifetime for one reason. So you, as a Travel Agent, will refer your "customers" back to them.

Will I have to sell travel to get in on these discounts?

If, after getting your copy of Travel Industry Secrets and becoming a travel agent, you feel that you want to earn an extra income selling travel to friends, family members, or even customers, you'll be licensed to do so.

In addition to extra income, there are a great many other benefits to being "in business" as well. There are also the great tax advantages as well. For example, you can deduct such items as your computer, the space in your home from which you operate your business, your telephone line if you use it for business, and much more.

In fact, just working at it part-time can make you a great second income…but it is NOT required.

Once you become a licensed Travel Agent, no one knows how much, if any, travel you sell. Selling travel is not required to get in on the benefits.

What will I Learn from the Travel Industry Secrets Manual?

You will learn:

  • How to become a travel agent in 20 minutes and start getting massive discounts on your travel

  • Fare codes - what they are…what they mean for you in savings

  • How to speak the travel agent lingo so that you don't get caught out when asking for your 50-75% discount on airfares and accommodation.

  • How to use special travel agent services that are just for industry insiders. These guys will book everything for you, just like you were visiting a normal travel agent, but with big discounts on your flights and accommodation.

  • All about travel consolidators: how to use them to get cheaper flights

  • Why you should never use your normal travel agent again when you can just call up a travel consolidator and save 20% on the best price an agent can give you.

  • How to book flights at the last minute while getting the fares of booking 30 days in advance. With our secrets, you'll bypass agents who add costly mark up to consolidators' air fares.

  • Learn about little known search engines that travel agents use to check airfares and availability of discount flights

      And as one of the bonus manuals we're including a complete directory of the best airfare consolidators around the world. Normal travel agents really don't like us sharing this information - in fact they usually get a little bitter about it. It's one of those secrets that they've been trying to hide from the public for years - because travel agents can't come close to competing with the prices that consolidators can sell fares for.

      You'll also learn many other "secrets" that you don't even need to be a travel agent to utilize. Here's just a short list of seven hot items:

      1. A complete worldwide listing of all the low cost/ budget/ no frills airlines (yes that includes USA, Europe, Asia, Oceana). Be first to know when they are having their super cheap $1 seat sales and giveaways.

      2. 10 of the best ticketing tricks and strategies that only industry insiders know about that will save you loads of cash on your flights.

      3. Frequent Flyer strategies that will have you flying free and more often. Rake up heaps of points and learn the best ways to use and redeem them.

      4. Up to date and best internet resources savvy travelers use when booking and organizing their travel. You'll gain access to our online resources area where we provide updates on the best and newest websites.

      5. New, cheap travel strategies as they come out via our up to date online resources area. We'll keep you up to date on how to get the cheapest travel in the future as things change

      6. How to save *at least* 10 to 20% every time you rent a car. We will share ways for you to save even more when you need a car to get around.

      7. How to save over 75% on your travel insurance. We show you how to go direct, and get multi-trip yearlong travel insurance that costs a fraction of what it would normally cost you on a 2 or 3-week holiday.

      Here's just one testimonial from a satisfied customer.

      Since I have discovered how to get travel agent discounts I have saved a fortune on my travel expenses, not to mention all the upgrades and other perks I have received from knowing this information. I now get discounts all the time on everything from accommodation and tours to theme park entry and flights. I get anywhere from 10% off up to 80%. Getting these discounts has meant that I can afford to travel more often and have a high quality holiday for budget prices. I have worked out that this knowledge has meant about $21,000 in saving for us so far! Thank you!

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