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Home Hair Removal Treatments - Part 1

If you find you are one of the millions of men and women from around the world who wish to remove hair from places where you wish it wasn't growing, but you don't want to pay thousands of dollars to hair removal professionals, take heart! There are plenty of home hair removal procedures that are easy to do and relatively inexpensive. In this two-part series we'll take a look at some of the most common ones.

Shaving Tips for Men

Many men have learned that shaving in the shower softens up the beard and makes for a smoother shave. However, if you shave in the shower or not, one important factor for a close, comfortable shave will be what you put on your face to soften your beard and smooth the razor's passage.

Whether you use a cream or a gel, the important point is not going to be how much of it you put on, but how you apply it.

For best results, apply shaving cream or lotion by massaging it lightly onto the skin. This causes the pilli muscles to lift the hairs up which will make them easier to cut.

The blade you choose is important as well. Generally, single blades give a better shave than double or triple ones do, but, with modern manufacturing techniques, a good shave can be coaxed out of almost any blade if you follow these tips.

  • Change your razor blade as soon as it is no longer sharp.
  • Shave in the direction that your hair grows for the first one or two passes, then reverse and shave against the grain the final time.
  • Rinse your face with cool water after your shave and pat, don't rub, with a towel.

Some men may have to shave their faces twice per day although a single daily shave is much more common.

Shaving Tips for Women

Don't send a man's razor to do a woman's job.

Choose razors made especially for women. They are more conveniently shaped and hold the blade at the right angle for legs and delicate underarms. Run warm water on your legs and underarms before massaging in your gel or shaving cream. You won't need expensive shaving lotions, hair conditioner works just fine.

Women are better off shaving at night when body fluids are not so tightly packed around the hair follicles. You should be extremely careful when shaving the bikini area. Your underwear can chafe you if you leave a shaving rash behind.

Don't worry if you decide to shave your facial and moustache hair. Despite popular belief, this will not make it grow back thicker. That's an old wive's tale.

You underarms can usually be shaved only twice a week, depending upon appearance, and, how fast your hair grows. Your legs usually will need to be shave with the same frequency, although many woman seem to find that once a week works well for them.

Tips for Tweezing Hair Away

You should always clean your tweezers in hot water before using them. In fact, wiping them with alcohol beforehand is even better. Tweezing is great for shaping eyebrows or removing stray hairs on the face and chin. Never tweeze nose hairs. Infection could result. Tweeze in the same direction as the hair growth. Cover the area to be tweezed with a hot face cloth for a minute to open the pores. Don't apply creams or moisturizers before tweezing. It can cause infected or blocked pores and it might make you slip with the tweezers. The effects of tweezing usually lasts for two weeks or more.

Tips for using Depilatories

Check for allergic reaction to a hair removal product by applying a small dab to the spot that you want to treat. Follow label instructions and then wait 24 hours before doing the entire area. Depilatories work best after a bath when the hair is softened and your pores are open. Follow label instructions exactly! Keep a timer handy so you don't keep the product on for too long. Wait for another time if you have a rash, cuts, mosquito bites, or acne blemishes in the area you are planning on treating. Most women apply depilatories twice per month, although that frequency depends upon how fast your hair grows back in.

In Part 2 we'll continue examining home hair removal options.

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