Fair Trade Organic Tea

While organic products are good for you, and for the earth, fair trade products help small businesses around the world as well.

  • Irish Breakfast Tea Fair Trade Organic
  • Created to match the style favored by the tea loving Irish, this blend features an Organic Ceylon Black Fair Trade Tea, giving it a dark full-bodied flavor, that's slightly stronger than the English Breakfast Tea.
  • Price: $30.75
  • Moroccan Mint Tea Fair Trade Organic
  • An organic blend of mellow green teas, favored mints, and a hint of lemon grass combine in a crisp, aromatic, and brightly flavorful cup.
  • Price: $25.92

Organic products, such as organic tea, are better for both you and the Earth.

However, what is there to understand about fair trade tea?

Consumers often choose organic products because production is done using natural and sustainable farming practices. Many producers also opt specifically to NOT ALLOW deforestation, and disruption of animal life, to occur as part of standard plantation farming techniques.

Some producers also choose a practice known as "Fair Trade". This option gives the consumer further altruistic benefit in terms of assurance that the workers on the tea or coffee plantations have been working under improved terms and conditions, giving them a better quality of life and reducing exploitation.

Many fair trade producers are also small, local businesses as well.

You can easily buy organic, Fair Trade, tea which is not much more expensive then just organic tea, but, which will allow you to do good for yourself and the world.

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Fair Trade Organic Tea
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