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How to Plan a Cheap Halloween Party

In just a few days, midnight will strike and your kids will be at it again!

Donít you just love Halloween?

Sure you do, but are you someone who hates the days and weeks that come before it?

Hey! Who can blame you? I think most moms, and quite a few dads, will probably be pulling their hair right now in frustration because of costume problems and other party details. And with the economic crunch putting a sorry spell on the celebration, it will be harder this time of the year to organize a bigger and more elaborate party, what with the limited budget.

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The good news is that you donít have to spend big money in order to have a great Halloween party. You just need to use your head and take advantage of things that are already inside your house and look for bargains that will help you stay within your budget. Here are some things that you can do to make sure that you organize one of the best Halloween parties at really low low budget.

1. Recycle the old ones

Who says you cannot use the old costumes that your kids used the other year just because they are too small? If your kids are already too big to fit in any of those costumes, you can still use them as Halloween decorations inside the house or in the front yard. You can for instance, dress up a mannequin with the costumes and display them in the front yard. This can become a great Halloween mascot in your home.

Parts of the costumes can also serve other purposes. For instance, you can use a vampire cape as a table runner or use a witch hat as a place where kids can get their candies during trick or treat hours. You can reuse the masks and the baskets that are often with costumes and put them as centerpieces on the table. There are lots of other things that you can do.

2. Make your own

If your kids are only going to use it for the day and will not be going on a party, you wonít really need to buy an expensive costume. It is actually pretty easy to make your own costume. If you have no idea how and you are not so crafty, you can always download instructions from the internet or look at craft books that specialize on Halloween stuff.

You can even make your own Halloween trick or treat bags and Halloween place cards. There are a lot of things that you can make on your own. Make sure though that you compute the cost of all the materials and check if you really are going to spend less when you do the crafts. Sometimes, do it yourself projects can be much more expensive. So computer first.

3. Shop the sales

It will be already too late for this article as most sales have already come to pass. But you can still take advantage of the sales and promos after Halloween. Buy for next year if you have the extra money. If you donít another option is to rent costumes. It will be vastly cheaper than buying one.

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