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Common Misconceptions About Cruises

There are now so many things to do on a big cruise ship that you won't have time to do half of them even on a month long voyage.

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People who have never actually had the opportunity yet to go on a cruise often have quite a few misconceptions about what life is like on a cruise ship. Their sometimes badly skewed views on the subjec may be what is keeping them from even exploring the possibility of taking a cruise themselves.

Hopefully, exposing some of those misconceptions may help them gain a more balance view of what it is actually like to take a cruise.

Many believe, and it's no surprise, that the population on most cruises is dominated by the elderly or middle aged individuals. While it is certainly true that many cruise goers, especially with the "coming of age - part two" of the baby boomers, do have a bit of gray in their hair, today people of all different ages go on cruises. Also, family trips are increasingly popular and kid-specific facilities and activities are offered by all the lines now.

In fact, Disney, Carnival, and most other major cruise lines, dedicate a lot of time and money to entertaining cruise passengers of all ages!

On modern cruise ships, teens and 20-somethings form a larger percentage of passengers than in the past. With a booming economy, and even in an economy which took a downturn in 2008, more of these younger passengers have the funds from generous parents, as well as their own savings, and they're taking advantage of discounts and many of the shorter, less expensive cruises as well.

That having been said, while it is true that many retired individuals today often have more free time and spare income from years of saving than they used to, they no longer make a majority of the cruising public.

In the past, cruises often had very strict and specific schedules for activities on board a cruise ship, such as for eating, recreation or entertainment. All that has changed. Though major meals do occur between certain hours, there are lots of alternatives today. There are in-between meal buffets, alternative restaurants and others.

Of course, in most cases, entertainment of certain kinds, such as musical or theatrical performances, will have to start at given times. Still, on most cruises today, however, there are so many alternatives for entertainment that you can amuse yourself a dozen different ways at just about any time of the night or day. Bowling, deck tennis, computer games, card games... the list is endless.

Another objection of the past, that there is too narrow a choice of activities, has gone the way of "wooden ships and iron men". The entertainments mentioned above are only a few examples of the huge range of activities available to the modern cruise ship passenger.

It's a far cry from the old days when a walk around the deck, a little table tennis, or a good book may have been about the range.

Don't worry about not having anything to do! In fact, when booking a cruise, you may encounter an overload of possibilities!

Today, there are more things to do on board a cruise ship than any one person could enjoy in 10 cruises. In fact, many modern cruise ships offer more acitivities than many small town, and maybe even many medium-sized ones!

Whether your personal interests are dancing, exercise, gambling, or other forms of physical enjoyment there are choices galore. If you prefer something a little bit more sedate, there are plenty of choices there as well. Of course, if you prefer to enjoy old-school cruise ship life, and simply lie around and soak up sun or read a book, there are lots of opportunities to do that, too.

Up until reading this article, you may have been one of those people who thought they would be bored on board a cruise ship, with nowhere to go and nothing to do. As you can see from all the fun and interesting activities on board the ship itself, simply being aboard a modern cruise ship can be a fascinating experience in itself! Touring most of these behemoths that sail the seas today would take a few days all by itself.

Anyways, with the exception of some of the long U.S. to Europe cruises, you are rarely confined on board for more than a few days.

You'll find that before you even become "bored" enough with life aboard the cruise ship to long to escape ashore to explore new lands, you'll have a chance to satisfy that urge.

Hey! By the time you've become worn out with tourist hopping around new cities, you, elderly or young, may be ready for some relaxing time back on board ship.

Almost as long as the "cruise" has been around, cruise ships have been constantly evolving floating hotels, but today they are more like floating cities. As such, many of the biggest have all the exciting things to do that any great city will have...and all within easy reach.

Plus, you have the chance to see foreign cities at the end of the gangplank as well.

I don't think it can get much better than that!

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