Facial Sauna Systems
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About Facial Sauna Systems

The best skin toning comes from a full body sauna, but, those looking for a quick fix for the complexion can get good results from facial sauna systems.

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One of the great benefits enjoyed by people who use sauna and steam baths are the toning effects on the skin.

icon iconThese practices tend to leave the skin soft, supple and glowing – in short, beautiful.  Regular users of sauna and steam baths seem to have an appealing healthy glow about them that adds to their physical attractiveness.

The reason that sauna and steam are so good for the skin is the deep cleaning action caused by heavy perspiration.  The pores open wide and all the accumulated dirt can be easily washed out.

The best overall benefits for skin toning obviously would come from a full body sauna, but for those looking for a quick fix to their complexion can get similar results from facial sauna iconsystems.

These "mini-saunas" are designed to apply steam to the face for the same deep cleaning action as a full sauna or steam bath.

How They Work

Basically, a facial saunaiconhas an electric heating element on the bottom of the unit.  It heats the water (held in a small reservoir) to the boiling point, causing the steam to rise.  The small size of the reservoir ensures that steam is quickly produced.

A properly designed mask is placed over the reservoir to capture and funnel the steam to your face. You can easily control the amount of steam that your face is exposed to by altering the distance of the mask to your face.

Bringing your face into direct contact with the mask will give you the maximum deep cleaning action, but be careful! This position should only be used for a few moments at a time.  After about 10 seconds, raise your head to allow cooler air to be mixed with steam.  Repeat this cycle as many times as needed.

The facial sauna iconis not only for deep cleansing the skin; but are also useful for unclogging stuffed sinuses.  Anyone with a simple cold or evan a more serious condition like bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma and hay fever can get relief if they use the facial sauna as an inhaler or vaporizer.

Some facial saunas have a separate inhaler attachment.  Instead of fitting over the entire face, the inhaler attachment fits over the nose and mouth.  Simply breathe in the steam to provide almost instant relief from sinus pain.

Operating Tips

As mentioned earlier, the facial sauna iconusually has a very small reservoir so that the water can heat up rapidly.  The downside to this is that the water evaporates quickly. So, if you wish to use the sauna for an extended session, you should keep a tall glass of water by your side.  This way, you can quickly refill the reservoir when it goes dry.

The small reservoir, unfortunately, also means that the facial sauna cannot be used as an overnight vaporizer.  If your sinuses are keeping you awake at night, you would be better off with a traditional vaporizer that provides steam for several hours.

Steam is great for deep cleaning the skin, but for an additional beauty treatment you can add special cleaners such as tea tree oil to the water.  Just a few drops of this oil will give your skin an even brighter glow and leave it feeling fresh and supple.

The facial sauna iconis usually easily found in department and discount stores and many pharmacies. They are relatively inexpensive - usually less than $60.  For this price, almost everybody can enjoy the deep cleaning action and the special "glowing" skin that marks regular sauna users apart from the crowd.

If you don't have time to use a facial sauna, or, if you are a bit worried about steam on your face, you might try a skin exfoliator product, such as theones from Revitol or Shaklee.



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